How Men's Shirt Store Benefits from IoT

Maybe not strictly IoT (Internet of Things) application, as the shirts themselves don't yet have electronic solutions built into them, our Digital Assistant system is still a great modern invention that makes it a whole lot easier to run a men's shirt shop.

The solution consists of an iPad running a custom software app. Either a client of the shop attendant can use this to find a suitable design and size.

The browsing results can be displayed on a large 60# LED screen in the back of the store.

The digital assistant is also a meeting point for brick-and-mortar and e-commerce: the IOS app shows the inventory levels in different retail outlets and central warehouse. Front-line retail employee saves a lot of time, as there's no need to call the warehouse or other shops to check the stock levels and shirt availability. Besides that, customer identification and loyalty program is built into the iPad software.

For business side, the most important outcome of digital assistant system is that it takes just one person at a time to attend the shop and service customers. Customers save time, and there's less chance of queuing, thus we don't lose clients. All in all: more happy people.

The digital assistant's user interface was praised on the Golden Egg competition:

Here's a video clip about the digital assistant on Vimeo.

And sure you can browse our collection online.