Linen Shirts
US and many other countries on Northern Hemisphere have already switched to summer time. In Europe, including Estonia, you have to turn your clocks and watches forward in the early hours of Sunday 27 March… And we suddenly realise that a new summer of outfit is needed soon.

Coming to shirts, natural linen fabric is one the best options for warm weather. It lets your skin get rid of excessive moisture and thus saves you from sweating. Linen is light and easy going, just like spring and summer.

Did you think a linen shirt is suitable for new age and ethno crowd? It might well be, but a well cut linen dress shirt is a noble garment. Build your smart business look on it, and radiate Italian “sprezzatura“. A tip: natural linen fabric is slightly wrinkled, and this gives you some extra freedom while wearing it.

 At the moment, we offer you three linen shirts:

– Red linen shirt for men

– Dark blue linen men’s shirt with printed flowers