Gingham is Always Right
Gingham is a medium-weight balanced plain-woven fabric made from dyed cotton. Colouring is on the warp yarns and always along the grain (weft). Gingham has no right or wrong side with respect to colour.


Gingham shirts are smart and cheerful, without being overly casual. In fact, Gingham patterns are superb in building a sophisticated day-time look that hints an ability to think out of the box, which is a welcomed quality even if you work in corporate banking.


The name originates from the Malay adjective “genggang”, meaning striped. When originally imported into Europe in the 17th century it was a striped fabric, though now it is distinguished by its checkered pattern. From the mid 18th century, when it was being produced in the mills of Manchester, England, it started to be woven into checked or plaid patterns.


Besides the one on the photo, we have many fine shirts in our Autumn collection, including this slim purple Gingham.