Ceremonies and Celebrations - What to Wear?

Spring and early summer is the time for ceremonies and celebrations. Graduation ceremonies, weddings... and all these are heavily photographed. So what you wear, is forever.

Here's a lifesaver:

  1. Wear a dark suit. If it's too much for the occasion, light colours will do. Tweed is not an option.
  2. Wear a plain colour shirt. Steer clear from Gingham, Bengal, or, God forbid, printed fabrics.
  3. Wear a necktie and a pocket square. Not too fancy, please.
  4. Don't wear jeans, if you can. It's just for one day.

Click here for a selection of shirts that will do. If it's a very academic and/or ceremonial event, stick to white. Though nowadays, to be honest, all colours are allowed, if you're bold enough to wear these.