I especially appreciate the extra thread around the button-stitching

I cannot find words to describe the beauty of these shirts. I have never seen a more beautiful blue fishbone pattern or a better quality cotton. You can feel with your fingers that the soft Italian cotton is of the highest quality. The craftsmanship of the shirts is exquisite. The seams are excellent and the buttonholes and button-stitching is impeccable, which is rare even compared to British high-end shirts (like T&A, H&K etc).

I especially appreciate the extra thread around the button-stitching for extra durability. The french cuffs are a thing of beauty. I chose the french cuffs with a slightly rounded corner and the line is classical and elegant. The MOP buttons are the icing on the cake ;). They are simple and elegant in design and not too thin and brittle like MOP buttons sometimes are. They seem to be of high quality and have a timeless luster to them. The classical collar is excellent and exudes style and elegance. The shirts fit me perfectly.

And you put my name in the shirts! I love it!

You can rest assured that you have gained a customer for life now. I can't wait until the next time I need to buy shirts. Your company is amazing, these shirts are among the best I have seen and still so reasonably priced.

Thank you
Warm regards from Sweden ;)
Jonatan André