Made to Measure Dress Shirt

How to order a Made to Measure shirt?

You can order your excellent made-to-measure dress shirt in our shops in Ülemiste Shopping Mall and Rocca al Mare Shopping Mall, opening time is Mo-Su 10 - 21.

You are always welcome in our shops but we kindly ask you to arrange a meeting with our made-to-measure shirts consultant beforehand. 

Please email or call +3727307345 to arrange a meeting.

If you have your tailor to assists you, or you know your shirt measurements or have ordered from us before, we can take your order online, too.

The magnificent feeling of wearing a top notch made-to-measure shirt is really not about money. The average price of a made-to-measure shirt ranges from €122 to €165 and that is certainly an important consideration for our first time customers. But once they return, they usually ask for the best fabrics in the new Albini catalogue. And that is what they get.

Please note that it takes around 25-30 business days from ordering your shirt until we can present it to you!



Sangar Showroom in Tallinn


What can I customise in a Made to Measure dress shirt?

Here are a few of the options you can pick, so we can create a perfect shirt for you:

* A large selection of hand-picked premium fabrics, including Italian Albini fabrics

* Excellent shirt buttons of every color - you can also choose contrasting button theards

* Body fit (regular, slim)

* Shirt back type (plain or with darts)

* Style tune-up, including constrasting fabrics and colorful shirt theards

* 12 types of collars (classic, stand-up, several cutaway or button-down collars types, tuxedo collar, round collar, Italian collar...)

* Shirt front edges (top stiched, front band, covered panel, plain)

* Long or short sleeve, and of course shirt sleeve length that suits you the best

* Many cuff types (round or 4-corner French cuff, round cuff, 6-corner cuff, curved edge cuff...)

* Pockets, pocket types (six corner, five corner, curved bottom pocket)

* And of course monograms to give that final polish to the shirt designed specially for you. 



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